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All in 1 Restoration Services Inc. has been in the restoration industry for more then 20 years. Our background experience highly qualifies us in maintaining Residential and Commercial properties throughout the South Florida area and especially the highly conscientious area of Boca Raton. We specialize in the areas of Water Damage Mitigation, Mold Damage Remediation, Storm Damage Remediation, and Fire Damage Remediation. Natural disasters tend to occur without notice, however All in 1 Restoration Services Inc. understands these catastrophes and we can detect the problem when its first at hand.

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Water Damage

Water Damage causes large amounts of possible impairments and losses. The start of it begins to intrude into areas where it can attack materials and systems throughout the structure. Destructive processes start to occur on-site when water first penetrates, such as: rotting of wood, growth, rusting of steel, and de-laminating of materials such as: plywood, oak, and many others. Water can also destroy the foundation and the electrical work to longer be active. 

Mold Damage All in 1 Restoration Services Inc

Mold Damage

Mold Damage takes place from the humidity in which South Florida is well known for. The first sign of growth starts from excess moisture and/or condensation that forms mold spores and/or mildew. Mold is noticeable when first detected and may be presented by dark or irregular spots. Strong odors can also identify mold and is usually accompanied by a strong, musty odor. Mold can also infect your health by causing rare sicknesses to form, so it is always recommended that your property is thoroughly checked. Sometimes, however mold is not always visible and can be hidden behind walls, ceilings, around plumbing, and/or other hard to access places.

Fire Damage All in 1 Restoration Services Inc

Fire Damage

Fire Damage refers to the physical damage a property as a result of burning. This damage may either be directly caused by a mishap on the property or even an electrical shortage due to flames, smoke, and other corrosive substances emitted by the fire. In terms of insurance, fire damage is one of the most common types of coverage offered to homeowners or business owners.

Storm Damage All in 1 Restoration Services Inc

Storm Damage

Storm Damage is very common to our area that cannot be prevented, from hurricanes to irregular thunderstorms, in South Florida which can cause severe damages to homes and businesses. Hurricane damage and flooding are inevitable, so taking the proper precautions and watching for signs of storm damage can prevent any other issues to occur.

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